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Frequently Asked Questions

What if none of the plans on offer suit my needs?

That’s not a problem, we can tailor a plan to suit your needs! Please call or email us to discuss your specific requirements and we will get you started on a plan in no time.

How do I choose the right plan for me?

If you are unsure about which plan suit your needs best, we recommend that you start on a cheaper plan with less features as you can always upgrade to another plan any time. You can also contact us and we will provide feedback on which plan would be a good option for you.

Which plan is best for individual use rather than multi-users?

It is recommended that you begin with the ‘Basic” plan and see how you find this.

What platforms do you support?

FormPA is currently in beta.  By the time of the first full release, you will be able to access all the features of FormPA through any modern web browser.

Form submissions will shortly also be available via Android and iOS native apps.  The administration console is accessible via any modern web browser.

Will I be locked into a contract?

When you sign up for a plan, you are under no obligation to continue and will be subscribed to a plan on a month to month basis. This means that you are able to cancel or change your plan at any point.

What are my payment options?

Payment must be via credit card. We accept only Visa/Mastercard credit cards and Visa/Mastercard debit cards. Your plan’s fee will be deducted from your nominated credit card once a month.

Will I be charged GST if I’m an overseas customer?

You will not be charged GST if your place of residence is not an Australian address. GST is only applicable to Australian residents.

Will I receive regular invoices for my records?

Once a month, we will email you an invoice after your payment is processed.

Can I change between plans if I find that another plan is more suitable?

Yes, you are able to change between plans. If you are wanting to choose a more expensive plan, you will be changed to this one immediately and charged pro-rata. If you wish to downgrade to a cheaper plan, you will need to wait until the end of your current month and then you will be changed to the new plan.

I’m experiencing issues with using FormPA, how do I get assistance?

You will need to log a support ticket with us and we will respond in a timely manner. Please head to resources and click on “Log a support ticket”. Alternatively, you can reach our support team via email on

What are your customer service hours?

For general sales or billing enquiries, our hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (AEST). For support enquiries, we will endeavour to respond to your request within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What happens to my personal information?

Our company takes your privacy seriously and does not sell your personal information or give it out to a third party. All data that has been entered into FormPA app remains under the customer’s control and can be deleted from the system at any time.

Can I get a discount for introducing someone else to FormPA?

As our thank you gift to you, if you refer someone else to FormPA and they sign up for a plan, you will receive one month’s free subscription.

How do I contact your billing department?

Our billing team can be reached via email. Please email your queries to

How do I update my billing details?

Please contact our billing department at to inform them of your new billing details.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please email us at and we will organise this for you.

How do I disable accounts that are not in use?

Please contact us to notify us of any accounts that are not in use.

I’ve been using a free trial, how do I sign up for an ongoing plan?

Please refer to the plans listed at the top of this page and follow one of the links to sign up for one of FormPA’s plans.

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